Offshore Forex Brokers

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of Forex brokerages competing for trader’s business. Looking through brokerage listings you may have noticed that there are large number of brokerages based in offshore locations such as the Seychelles, Mauritius, British Virgin Islands and Belize. So why are there so many brokerages based in these notable offshore locations

White Label Brokerages Explained

What is a white label FX brokerage? The term ‘White labelling’ refers to a practice used in a number of different industries, where a service provider allows other companies to re-package their product to the end consumer under a different name or brand identity. White labelling is particularly prevalent in the software sector where companies

How To Pick A Forex Brokerage

Those searching for a Forex brokerage are confronted with a huge array of options. Since the early 2000’s a huge number of brokerages have opened up shop, making it increasingly difficult for traders to determine which firm will offer them the best trading experience. Things are made even more difficult due to the fact that

Unregulated Forex Brokerages

There are literally hundreds of Forex brokerages competing for traders’ business. While there are many established and well known brokerages regulated in reputable jurisdictions, there are also a large number of brokerages who operate without any regulatory oversight. Despite the fact that traders have option to pick from a vast range of regulated firms, many

EU Forex Regulation

You will come across many brokerages advertising themselves as being an EU regulated brokerage. Strictly there is no such thing as an EU regulated brokerage. What these brokerages are in fact referring to are provisions in the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). This directive introduced by the European Commission in 2004, aimed to bring

What is an STP Brokerage?

STP is an acronym for Straight-Through-Processing and refers to execution model used by an ever increasing number of Forex brokerages. True STP brokerages simply act as an agent for their clients, passing on client orders to a liquidity provider. This execution model has grown in popularity in the past few years. Due to the fact

Why are there so many Forex brokers in Cyprus?

The small Mediterranean island of Cyprus boasts a huge number of Forex brokerages. Anyone who has spent any time going through a directory of FX brokerages will have noticed the significant number of firms based on the island. So why has Cyprus become such a hub for the FX brokerages? In this article we take

What is a liquidity provider?

Simply put a liquidity provider is a financial organisation or individual who makes a market in particular asset class or instrument. Liquidity providers make a market by acting as a seller and buyer of the asset in question. In the days of open outcry trading, it was individual pit traders who acted as a major

Is Forex just gambling?

A quick browse around the internet and you will find many people claiming that Forex trading is nothing but glorified gambling. But is this really true? Everyone should know that Forex trading carries a significant degree of risk and those that say Forex is an easy way to make money are peddling a lie. But